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Fans of collegiate football and consistently high-level play can’t afford to miss out on the Clemson Tigers. So make sure you order your tickets while supplies last.

You might think that the Clemson Tigers can’t possibly top their undefeated 2018 run, but this incredible college football team has a lot to prove. With three victories out of three games already under their belt, it’s anyone’s guess if the Tigers will keep up their record and push for another undefeated season this year. But everyone, from fans and commentators alike, is calling the Clemson Tigers the team to watch this season. Not only can you expect the absolute peak of athletic performance from this record-setting team, but you can expect that every point earned against them will be a hard-fought battle on their own.

But it doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise since the Clemson Tigers are consistent in being the most elite of the country’s college football programs. Everyone who even thinks about college football knows about the distinctive helmets, fight songs, and rich history of the Clemson football program. Since their formation in 1896, the program has recorded over 700 wins and has had more undefeated seasons and 10 win seasons than many other teams can even dream of.

Clemson Memorial Stadium Clemson Tigers

Excellence Comes Dressed in Orange

Founded in 1896, the Clemson Tigers currently compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and the Atlantic Division of the ACC. The program is known for its striking colors, rallying fight song, and a storied history that spans for its long existence as a football legend maker.

To date, the program recorded over 700 wins including three consensus Division I Football National Championships. They have three showings as the College Football Playoff National Championship Finalists in 2015, 2016, and 2018 where they defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2016 and 2018 for the championships. Clemson has had an incredible 6 undefeated seasons, 4 consecutive playoff appearances, 24 conference championships, 7 divisional titles, and has produced over 100 All-Americans, 17 Academic All-Americans, and over 200 NFL players. Former players, Banks McFadden, Terry Kinard, Jeff Davis, and former coaches John Heisman, Jess Neely, Frank Howard, and Danny Ford have all been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

The team’s consecutive 10 win season records are only behind the Alabama Crimson Tide, but the program still maintains fifteen 10 win seasons, with over nine of them recording 11 to 12 wins by the end of the postseason. The team also holds more ACC titles than other ACC members, with an incredible 18 ACC titles and 24 total conference titles. Their most recent ACC championships were won four in a row from 2015 to 2018, with a 12-0 regular-season record for the latter years.

This commitment to success gives Clemson Memorial Stadium the nickname of “Death Valley” because of the incredible rate of success the team has while playing at their home stadium. Many commentators predict that the team will enjoy a winning season and today’s your chance to watch the rise of this record-shattering program by ordering your tickets today.

Clemson Tigers

The Tigers to Watch for this Season

It’s hard to pin down which part of the Clemson Tigers roster is the best. Their team is strong and has a powerful leader at the helm in Head Coach, Dabo Swinney. The team works like a well-oiled machine and fans and audience members know that any game they attend at Clemson Memorial Stadium, will be breathtaking and unforgettable. But there are a few players that, ESPN college football writers are looking at as some of the strongest players to look out for.

One of the big names that you’ll see on most lists is Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, especially after his incredible true freshman season. While he didn’t win the starting quarterback job until Week 5, he made a huge splash with 30 touchdown passes, only four picks, and 3,280 yards passing that helped lead the team to their national championship trophy. If anything, the question should be, “How can Lawrence top his debut?”

Junior running back is another name to keep watch on, as he recorded 1,658 yards and 24 touchdowns last season on his route to All-American honors. Many teams and commentators consider Etienne to be the biggest play threat in college football to date. He had over 23 carries that went for 20 yards. The Tigers offense will use Etienne to his best potential, but it’s clear that the running back is only improving every season.

Another pair of players that critics are watching closely is none other than wide receivers Justyn Ross and Tee Biggins.

Ross had a stellar true freshman season with six catches that led to 148 yards and two touchdowns in the semifinal against Notre Dame alone. He later had six receptions for 153 yards one score in the national title game against Alabama. His record for the year was 46 catches for 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns with an average of 21.7 yards per reception. Higgins was also phenomenal with 59 catches for 936 yards and 12 scores, which places him as the team leader in receptions and touchdowns. He had three 100-yard games against Texas A&M, South Carolina, and NC State adding this record of excellence.

You won’t believe what these players will do, but you can see the amazing plays of these star players and their teammates by coming out to Clemson Memorial Stadium to see their games.

A Tour of Clemson Memorial Stadium

Clemson Memorial Stadium, also known as Death Valley, is an incredible stadium that has over 81,000 available seats for football fans who want to see excellent high-quality athletics. The nickname for this stadium didn’t come by accident. Not only does it refer to Death Valley National Park in California and the Clemson University cemetery overlooking the field before the upper decks were constructed, it refers to a quote by Lonnie McMillian, former coach at Presbyterian College who told writers in 1948 that he had to “take his team up to Clemson and play in Death Valley”. McMillian’s team had rarely scored or gained a victory against the Tigers at that time, so it felt like a foregone conclusion that the team would lose against the Tigers.

Since then, Clemson embraced the name and made it their own with a blistering 309-102-7 record that gives them a home-game win percentage of over 74%. This incredible average is one that most teams don’t even come close to matching and has given Clemson fans a lot to cheer about. During every home game, the roar of the crowd watching the Tigers on the field can make the ground shake, including a 2007 game against Boston College that set the record for loudest stadium in college football, when Death Valley clocked in at 133 decibels.

The stadium has also seen popular use from famous musicians, including 1989 where Death Valley hosted The Rolling Stones, 1994’s hosting of Pink Floyd during his The Division Bell Tour, 1995’s hosting of Elton John and Billy Joel during their Face to Face 1995 tour and more.

Clemson Memorial Stadium is more than just the home of one of the strongest teams in college football, it’s also the home of 5-star entertainment unlike any other.